Full color vinyl banners are one of the most affordable, temporary sign materials available today. At S2 Imaging, we print most frequently on 13 oz. scrim banner media, a good medium weight. If you are concerned about outdoor signs withstanding high winds, we can print on a heavier scrim or a mesh banner stock. Do remember, a banner is a temporary product and outdoor banners are not meant for long term use.

Banners are used to:

  • Advertise a sale
  • Launch a new product or new service
  • Announce an upcoming event
  • Identify a neighborhood area using boulevard brackets
  • Recognize participation of sponsors
  • Welcome guests to sports or school events
  • Serve as a backdrop for an event
  • The list is endless.

Our printers for vinyl banners use eco-friendly inks which hold color very well; we additionally finish hanging banners with re-enforced edges, grommets or pole pockets, depending on your specifications. In many incorporated areas, banners require sign permits. And, some jurisdictions limit the size of the banner or the length of time a banner may be hung. Be sure to check with your local authorities before placing an order for hanging banners or a banner wall system.

If you want a more finished look for your exterior banners, we have banner frames. The frame system takes a loose vinyl banner and makes it drum-tight. A banner frame can accommodate any size of banner because it is a modular system that lets you easily add clamps anywhere in the rail. For indoor or outdoor banners, frames will not rust or corrode; they are made of high grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The perimeter railing flips tight over the mounting clamps to cover the banner edges and give the banner display a professional, finished look.

Looking for a fabric banner for a tradeshow exhibit or interior display? We can help you with that as well. Beautiful, rich feeling interior venues are easily created with our dye-sublimation fabric banners. Just ask The Kennedy Center; their spring gala fabric banners were colorful and warmed their venue. Please do not expect fabric banners to be used outdoors or in full sunlight. Fabric is very susceptible to failure when exposed to weather and sunlight. However, when indoors in a protected environment, fabric banners create a luxurious, warm feel. Available fabrics range from canvas to poplin to voile, for an ephemeral look. Call us to discuss your ideas.