Banner Systems

Today’s options for tradeshow displays have broadened substantially over the last 20 years. Advances in banner stands, tradeshow accessories, and eco-friendly print media now makes it possible for a business owner or marketing whiz to set up a portable tradeshow display in minutes. S2 Imaging has canvassed the market and found these banner systems to be valuable, versatile, and effective. Your brand will stand prominent whether you need a banner stand for your lobby or hanging banners for your next industry exhibit. Whatever your signage needs, S2 Imaging will work with you to help find the right product that fits your budget and timeline.

Consider the power of grouping banner stands and creating a wall of three or five of them as a backdrop. Whether they are retractable stands or not, they create an impact. Plus, it gives you the flexibility to use fewer banner frames if your exhibit area is small or changes depending on exhibit space. If versatility is your intention, be sure to communicate that before we start working on your custom banner layout. We would not want to have a message span 3 banner stands if there is a chance you would use the banners one at a time. Also, don’t overlook the advantages of using contrast lighting for your banner systems. We do want you to make an impression and putting the spotlight on your backdrop banners will ensure you make an impact. Your success is our success.